About me

photo of Michael Ayers

Hi, my name is Michael. Whilst not strictly a scientist (I’m an engineer by study and by trade), I do love science and consider myself as ‘doing science’ on a daily basis.

So, where have I come from? Well, I have always been interested in science (and maths and technology). I studied maths and physics at college before doing a degree in mechanical engineering at university. During my degree, I became particularly interested in medical engineering. This led to me doing a PhD in orthopaedic biomechanics, looking at an alternative technique for revision total hip replacements.

I now work as a trainee clinical engineer for the National Health Service at a hospital in London. Perhaps my favourite aspect of the job is the flexibility I have to work on interesting projects and learn new things.

You can find a  copy of my CV here:

Michael Ayers CV


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